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Our plant dyed wrap top BLACK MAMBA has a bright and warm orange tone and was painted with our self made balck ink.


The balck ink does not come from a single plant, but it's the alchemical reaction between plant tannins (gallic acid) and iron stain (ferrous sulfate). The magical result of this mergence is a deep, charcoal black!


The design is like the black mamba light, fluent and mystical!  

Painted wrap top BLACK MAMBA

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  • All our garments are naturally dyed by botanical elements such as flowers, leaves, barks, seeds or kitchen scraps such as onion skin, turmeric peels or avocado peels and pits.


    The color palette of our garments reflects the cycle of flowers, bushes, trees and vegetable plants under the influence of the seasons of our latitude. We dye in spring with the first delicate green and the first little flowers, in summer with bright colors of berries, in autumn with fallen down leaves and in winter with dark seeds and fruits falling down the trees.


    The resulting color of each individual dye material is enormously complex and can never be reproduced. Our individual pieces are all characterised by the uniqueness, unrepeatability and perfection of nature.


KÊMI Atelier

Daniela &

Valentina Nadwornicek

Jonasstrasse 46

10253 Berlin


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