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We are
Daniela & 

We are two sisters and textile artists from Berlin following our passion of reviving the almost forgotten and ancestral secrets of color extraction from flowers, leaves, seeds and barks and exploring vernacular dyeing techniques for textile dyeing.


We believe in a new awareness and approach to fashion that considers the process and resources required to confect garments. We want to offer you alternative garments, not using any toxic additives, but only natural dyes from flowers, leaves and seeds. 

Throughout slow and ancestral extraction processes we want to make sure not to harm mother nature, but to worship, protect and care for all the living beings in our ecosystems and make a positive impact with our decision on how we dress every day! 


Our designs are inspired by our deep passion and love for Latin America, it´s colors, patterns and people.

         Do you want to know more about natural dyes ?



KÊMI Atelier

Daniela &

Valentina Nadwornicek

Jonasstrasse 46

10253 Berlin


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